Whittling Twigs & Branches – 2nd edition


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Branch and Twig Whittling: Woodcarving in One of Its Purest Forms.
With little more than a knife, a branch and a dose of concentration this book will show you how to create unique keepsakes that are fun to make, will be appreciated as gifts, or can be popular items for sale.
Author Chris Lubkemann a woodcarver since age 7 is pleased to share his lifelong love of whittling in Whittling Twigs & Branches. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to master the basic woodworking technique called curling to create birds, trees and flowers.
ò Getting started: choosing and sharpening the right knife, plus characteristics of the best wood species
ò Basics of making curls: tips and techniques on the basic cutting strokes and details on creating tail curls
ò Whittling a rooster: guidance on creating the body and the tail, details on painting and finishing and choosing a base
ò How-tos on other designs: including pheasants, herons, roadrunners and miniature trees and flowers
ò Troubleshooting: advice on what to do when a carving doesn’t proceed as planned
Also inside is a picture gallery of finished pieces including table lamps, whimsical characters, letter openers, desk plaques and chess sets, to give you inspiration in your own work.