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Scroll Saw nr. 31

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Scroll Saw nr. 31
Varenr. W31
Et engelsksproget magasin om Dekupørsavning



Summer Sunflower Wreath
By Kathy Wise
Easy intarsia requires only three colors of wood

Classic Compound-cut Checkers Set
By Sue Mey
Heirloom-quality game made with your scroll saw

By Carl Hird-Rutter
Scroll your own essential accessory for covert missions

Petal-perfect Rose Box
By Robert Ardizzoni
Basic technique turns any design into a custom keepsake box

2007 Best Project Design Contest
Prize-winning entries and highlights from the contest

Floral Inlay Plate
By Gary MacKay
Relief cutting techniques simulate the look of a turned plate

Personalized Hatband
By Gil Gilpatrick
Quick and easy custom panels combine your favorite hobbies

Painted Pony
By James Haumesser
Colorful Dentzel carousel horse makes an impressive display

Watchful Leopard Clock
By Sue Mey
Use a woodburner to create the look of found wood

Suspended Wine Holder
By Gary MacKay
Simple angle cutting produces a clever display

Eagle Keepsake Box
By Paul Meisel
Straightforward project is ideal for beginners

Victorian Plumage Wall Shelf
By John A. Nelson
Intricate fretwork showcases your talents and collectibles

On the Ocean Floor
By Ellen Brown
Scroll a taste of the tropics with this coral reef scene

Seaside Pelican Puzzle
By Judy and Dave Peterson
Clever, free-standing puzzle is a quick and easy summer project

Wild Mustang
By Sue Chrestensen and Toni Burghout
Free-spirited design captures motion in segmentation, intarsia, inlay, or fretwork

Persian-style Mirror Frame
By Richard Preator
Repeating design highlights your scrolling skills

Coloring with Gilders Paste
By Toni Burghout and Sue Chrestensen
Thick coloring agent makes it easy to control application

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