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Dukkehuse - Møbler

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Woodworkers Guide to Bending Wood
Varenr. BKG025A

ISBN: 978 1 56523 360 7

The art of bending wood confounds most woodworkers, yet it is surprisingly easy to do with the four basic methods in this complete guide. The techniques are presented in step-by-step photo sequences that leave nothing to the imagination and show woodworkers exactly how it's done: bending green wood or twigs, bending with heat or steam, and bending panels or laminations. There are seven step-by-step projects presented, including shaker boxes, a bow for an arrow, a rustic chair, the sides of a guitar, and bent panels used for tables and pedestals. All the necessary tools and equipment are discussed with an eye to budget and practicality, making this appeal to both amateur and professionals of all skill levels.

Making Wooden Toys
Varenr. BKL004A

Making Wooden Toys is filled with kid-approved, shop-tested projects. From classic board games to race cars, these heirloom quality toys are as much fun to make as they are to play with. BONUS! Learn how to use creative chemical-free natural finishes!

Inside this special issue from Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, you'll find:


•John Deere Tractor
•Making a Classic Train Engine
•Multi-Toy Medevac Helicopter
•Off-Road Jeep
•Building a P-40 Fighter Plane
•Make a Classic Race Car


•Pocket-Size Tangram Puzzle
•Classic Compound-Cut Checkers Set
•Create a Tower of Tumbling Chairs
•Scroll Your Own Chess Set


•Turn a Spin TopBuilding a Catapult
•Making a Tree-Branch Sling Shot
•Tissue-Launching Crossbow
•Create a Fun Flexible Robot Toy
•Pedaling Bobby
•Fairy-Tale Folk
•Building a Gumball Turtule Maze


•Building a Doll-Size Desk and Chair
•Barbie-Size Victorian Doll Bed


•Freestanding Animal Puzzles
•F-14 Swinging Puzzle
•Jonah and the Whale Puzzle
•Quick and Easy Tree Puzzle


Making Furniture & Dollhouses
Varenr. BFB035A

978 1 56523 402 4

Dennis Simmons

Making Furniturre and Dollhouses for American Girl and Other 18,inch. Dolls (rev.&exp.)

Dennis Simmons deler sine 30 års erfaringer som træarbejder i denne gennemgående guide til at skabe kvalitets dukkehuse og dukke møbler til den populære American girl og 18" dukker. 3 nemme at lave dukkehuse og møbel projekter er alvet med værktøjer som findes i alle værksteder. og meget mere....


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