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Have og udendørs

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Gazebos and other Garden Structure Designs
Varenr. BEA005A

Explains how to extend one's living space outdoors by creating shade structures, roofs, or gazebos for one's patio or garden, with step-by-step instructions and photographic sequences that take readers through twenty complete projects, ranging from pergolas to entry arbors and benches, with detailed plans, schematic drawings, materials lists, and construction guidelines. Original.


Building Outdoor Gear, Revised 2nd Edition
Varenr. BDC010A

Outdoor people don't make their own gear to save money. The fly fisherman who ties his own flies or makes her own rods will readily admit, if they are honest, that they have more money tied up in inventory and tools than they would ever have spent on store-bought flies or fly rods. Economy isn't the objective; it is the satisfaction of making something and then seeing it do what it was designed to do. And, they will argue, what they make is better than what they can buy. They are right!

In this book, you'll find a variety of fun and functional projects for the outdoor enthusiast. From a canoe paddle to a pack frame to a reflector oven-you'll find the instruction you need to for items to keep you safe and comfortable on your adventures. Besides the great outdoor equipment you can build from this book, there is detailed information on the use of epoxy technology-the greatest boon to the outdoorsman since the birch bark canoe. And a generous collection of hints, tips, ideas, and recipes will make your days outdoors more enjoyable and productive.

Wild & Wacky Birdhouses and Feeders
Varenr. BDB013A


ISBN: 978-1-56523-679-0

Lav din have mere spændende med et unikt fuglebur eller foderbræt der med sikkerhed vil trække opmærksomhed fra havens fugle, for ikke at glemme dine naboer. I bogen vil du finde farverige og kreative projekter som bringer det sjove ind i det at bygge fuglehuse.

Om det er fuglehuset der ligner et kamera eller det piano-lignende foderbræt, der vil gøre dine fugle musikale, så er du sikker på at finde projekter der vil få dig til at smile.

Komplet med detaljerede planer for hvert projekt.


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