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Legetøj og Biler

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Animated Animal Toys in Wood
Varenr. BFC052A

Build classic pull and push toys with 20 imaginative projects for making wild and wacky wooden animals that come alive with delightful lifelike motion.

Doc Fizzix Mousetrap Racers
Varenr. BKL003A

Kids are naturally curious. They love to build stuff and projects that involve cars will entertain children for hours. In this guide written by a Teacher-of-the-Year winner, your kids will learn how to construct race cars from ordinary, affordable household materials, while learning the science behind how they work, in language easy enough for a 7th grader to understand. With color photos, diagrams, fun illustrations, and four complete projects, your family will be racing vehicles that go the distance and go for the gold! A bonus project is included for students looking for super science fair project.

Wooden Toys
Varenr. BFA045A

Norm Marshall was a well-known toy maker, whose classic toys were loved by children and woodworkers alike. They provided hours and hours of entertainment for countless generations, and best of all - they were easy to build.

Now you can build a Norm Marshall wooden toy! With Great Book of Wooden Toys, you'll discover 37 three-dimensional projects, each complete with an exploded illustration, a materials list and detailed step-by-step instructions for a fool-proof building experience. More than 125 photographs show woodworkers how every piece goes together. A special chapter is also devoted to finishing or painting your toys for a professional look.

Toys include:
-Classic Model T car
-Trains and much more.

There's also 16 projects perfect for beginners - like a pull-along train and circus animals. 



Pinewood Derby Race Cars
Varenr. BKI004A

Pinewood Derby-style Race Cars is the go-to guide for building a winning racer!
Since the first car rolled down the track in 1953, Pinewood Derby's popularity has grown into a yearly event that promotes craftsmanship, healthy competition and strengthens the bond between parents and children. Inside this special issue from Woodcarving Illustrated, you'll find:

The Principles of Speed
Choosing the Design
Design Worksheet
Weight Matters
Spray Painting Made SImple
Creating a Custom Finish
Applying Decals
All About Axles
Winning Wheels
Adjusting Alignment
Rail Riding

Making a Basic Wedge Car
Build a Hot Rod Racer
Off-Road Racing Jeep
Creating an MG Roadster
Shop-Tested Car Patterns

Making Wooden Toys
Varenr. BKL004A

Making Wooden Toys is filled with kid-approved, shop-tested projects. From classic board games to race cars, these heirloom quality toys are as much fun to make as they are to play with. BONUS! Learn how to use creative chemical-free natural finishes!

Inside this special issue from Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, you'll find:


•John Deere Tractor
•Making a Classic Train Engine
•Multi-Toy Medevac Helicopter
•Off-Road Jeep
•Building a P-40 Fighter Plane
•Make a Classic Race Car


•Pocket-Size Tangram Puzzle
•Classic Compound-Cut Checkers Set
•Create a Tower of Tumbling Chairs
•Scroll Your Own Chess Set


•Turn a Spin TopBuilding a Catapult
•Making a Tree-Branch Sling Shot
•Tissue-Launching Crossbow
•Create a Fun Flexible Robot Toy
•Pedaling Bobby
•Fairy-Tale Folk
•Building a Gumball Turtule Maze


•Building a Doll-Size Desk and Chair
•Barbie-Size Victorian Doll Bed


•Freestanding Animal Puzzles
•F-14 Swinging Puzzle
•Jonah and the Whale Puzzle
•Quick and Easy Tree Puzzle


Realistic Construktions Models You Can Make - Kun CD!
Varenr. CDE003A

Ean: 152XCD

Komplette mønstre og samle instruktioner til 8 modeller.

lær at lave otte modeller der efterligner rigtige konstruktions fartøjer.

kun CD!

Making Construction Vehicles for Kids - kun CD!
Varenr. CDE002A

Ean: 1511CD

Forældre, Bedsteforældre og Træarbejdere med små børn i deres liv, vil elske disse bevægelige legetøj. Bygget for holdbarhed vil disse 8 træ-legetøj blive den perfekte "lavet i kærlighed" gave til børn fra år 5 og op.

Kun CD!

Parents, grandparents and woodworkers with small children in their lives will love these chunky model construction toys. Built to last, these eight wooden toys make the perfect "made with love" gift for children ages five and older.

Each construction model features over-sized, exaggerated parts that are easy for little hands to manipulate. And the movable wheels and buckets will keep imaginative children engaged in hours of creative play.

Complete assembly drawings for each of the eight toys make these projects simple for adults to make. The author also includes tested and proven parts lists and full-size cutting templates.

All of the models presented here can be made with common shop tools. The author recommends a scroll saw, a drill press, a belt/disc sander, a one-inch belt sander, a band saw, and a thickness planer.

Amazing Vehicles You Can Make - Kun CD!
Varenr. CDE001A

Ean: 1503CD

Lær hvordan du laver Træ tog, Fly, Motorcykler og Lastbiler med Trin-for Trin instruktioner og mønstre

Kun CD! 

Natural Wooden Toys
Varenr. BFC050A


At finde legetøj der er lavet af naturlige produkter og som giver sjov og opfindsom leg, kan være svært og ofte dyrt. Derfor besluttede hjemmegående husmor, Erin Freutchel at lære hvordan man bruger en Dekupørsav og begyndte at lave sikre, farverige og uimodståelige legetøj til børn

Kun ved brug af en Dekupørsav, en pudsemaskine, et bor og med ingen erfaring, viser Erin gennem Step for Step instruktioner, hvordan man laver mere end 75 charmerende træ legetøj med temaer såsom eventyr, bondegård og hav. Inkl.  er goså instruktioner i at lave ikke-giftig farvefuld færdiggørelse.

Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly
Varenr. BFC048A

Bob Gilsdorf

978 1 56523 394 2


28 Projekter du kan bygge fra Legetøj opfindernes Værksted

Hvad får du når du kombinerer Opfindsomhed, Kreativitet, en bid ingeniør og Træarbejde? Du får de fedeste nem-at-lave træ legtøj som kan gøre ekstraordinære ting. Hav det sjovt med at bygge sjove ting såsom Warp-speed Krone skyder, en serviet løftende bue eller en Paparazzi tyggegummi maskine.

Denne nem-at-følge guide inkluderer mønstre, instruktioner og ingeniør råd om hvordan du laver 28 forskellige legetøjer. Der er også en sektion om legetøj basic med en liste over materialer, tidsbesparende tips og en "Hvordan" liste på projekter til små børn.

Forfatter Bob Gilsdorf, fader til 4 børn, guider dig igennem processen med at tage en ide der ser sjov ud, arbejde sig igennem detaljerne til at kreere legetøj eller spil og til sidst bygge det ud af træ.

De fleste projekter kan udføres på en time og vil give mange timers leg.

Wooden Banks You Can Make
Varenr. BAM006A

Harvey E. Helm
1 56523 173 2

Hold dine penge i sikkerhed med disse smart designede sparebøsser. Incl. mønstre og instruktioner til 32 projekter.


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