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The Scroll Saw - A beginners guide
Varenr. CDB001A





Presented by John Burke

Unleash you creativity using one of woodworking's most user-friendly machines - the scroll saw. Easy to operate, the scroll saw can cut a variety of materials - wood, steel, brass, fabric, paper, stone, even glass - and master craftsman John Burke demonstrates all of the techniques you'll need to create simple and imaginative craft items.

The Scroll Saw: A Beginner's Guide takes viewers step-by-step from beginning to end of several projects that illustrate the tool's versatility - from shaping wood to creating personalized greetings cards. You'll learn how to transfer patterns and chose appropriate blades, as well as master cutting and finishing techniques. This video is perfect for craftsmen new to the scroll saw and its many capabilities.

Projects include:
A simple beginner's animal-shaped puzzle
Decorative piercing
Small locking box
Child's name

Legacy - Mønster til ur af træ
Varenr. PW004A





The Legacy wooden gear clock has the classic look of a traditional wall timepiece, yet maintains a clearly visible mechanism. This wooden clock features lantern pinions and gears that rotate on stationary arbors. These aspects of the clock make the Legacy easy to assemble and minimizes adjustments.

You can build this wooden gear clock from our ready-to-assemble kit.
Or, you can use a scroll saw to cut
the parts from our do-it-yourself patterns.

This wooden clock is driven by a 3 lb weight, and is regulated by a 48" pendulum. The Legacy runs about 30 hours per winding. The Legacy clock is about 15" in diameter and about 5" deep.

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