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Woodturning nr. 244

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Woodturning nr. 244
Varenr. WT244

In this month's issue:

The October issue of Woodturning is, as usual, packed full of projects for you including an Oriental garden lantern, a dinner plate, a re-turned Huon pine vase and a tall vase. In terms of techniques, you can expect to learn about masking techniques for multi-colour application; why you should use different parting tools; techniques on turning a two-facet vase and an article on speciality workholding methods and chucks.

In terms of features, we have a special report from the 2012 AAW Symposium; we spend 20 minutes with New Zealand turner, Robbie Graham; we have a new series called ‘tales from the workshop' and a special feature on turned treasures from the Mary Rose which will be shown at the Wizardry in Wood exhibition in October.

Our kit and tools section is also brimming and contains a range of new products from your workshop as well as a test on the Bosch GWS 9-115 and the Arbortech TURBOPlane. We also look at the Lansky standard knife sharpening system and the Penn State Industries Bolt Action pen kit.

If that's not enough, we also have your usual favourites in the form of community comments, reader's showcase, leader and reviews.

All this and more in issue 244!


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