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Varegrupper / Trædrejning's Magasiner / Woodturning the world's leading magazine for woodturners / Woodturning nr. 239

Woodturning nr. 239

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Woodturning nr. 239
Varenr. WT239

In this month's issue:

The Spring issue contains a host of projects for you to make including a metal schlag gold leaf platter, a freehand turned sphere, five candle holder designs, a simple blockwork bowl, bookmarkers and two natural edge projects. The techniques section contains part 2 of Kurt Hertzog's new series on workholding, part 2 of Michael O'Donnell's articles on sideways turning and an article on removing sanding marks from your work.

The features section includes part seven of Richard Findley's series of a year in the life of a professional woodturner; Tegan Foley profiles Darrell Copeland, before she spends 20 minutes finding out more about the work of Ashley Harwood. Lastly, Alan Trout shares one of his stunning 'Syntho-Organic' forms with us.

In terms of kit and tools, we have a host of new products for your workshop; we look at the Microclene MCP filter; the new range of drive and revolving centres from Planet Plus, and the Elio drives, which are available from One Good Turn. We also have two new books and a DVD for you to enjoy.

And if that's not enough, we also have the usual favourites including leader, Readers' Gallery, Community Comments and Round Up.

All this and more in issue 239!


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